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Stafford Radio is the UK’s hit radio station from a Windmill

The Prog Mill

The Prog Mill

Join Shaun Geraghty every Sunday from 10pm to midnight GMT for the internationally popular Prog Mill.

Shaun showcases new releases, grabs exclusive interviews and then caps it off with some incredible competitions. A hugely popular show from the iconic Broad Eye Windmill. How Proggy is that ?!

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Sponsor a Floorboard

There is still much to do to restore the historic Broad Eye Windmill to its former glory.

One way you can help is by sponsoring a floorboard to speed the restoration of the first floor. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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Where to Start

So this is how Studio One appeared back in November 2011 as Director Paul Dean assessed the daunting task of creating a state of the art broadcasting studio in a 200 year old windmill.

With curved walls, open beamed ceilings and very little space it took ingenuity to maximise the options whilst retaining the building’s character […]

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